4 day Long Weekend Trip to Dubai

Itinerary for a four day visit to Dubai

The traveller in me hates letting a long weekend go by without a plan. I always try and make most of it. But, they can be stressful. While you want to make the most of it, there is always that sense of inertia to plan for travel. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration – cost, travel time, time to experience the place you’re traveling to, the accommodation, itinerary and the list goes on. So, I’m going to make it easy for you by penning down a ready-reckoner itinerary. For anyone looking for a good quick vacation from India, UAE is a pretty good bet for 4-5 days. Continue reading “4 day Long Weekend Trip to Dubai”

The love for beaches

Recently I got back to my routine runs at Worli Sea Face. As I finished my run, I had this warm feeling spreading through me that brought a familiar smile on my face just looking at the waves. They were barely visible in the dark night and I found myself thinking just why I have such a fascination for the ocean.

A lot many people have asked me if I am a “Mountain Person” or a “Beach Person”. While I am still not entirely convinced they are a mutually exhaustive set there are many reasons about the beach that evoke such strong emotions in me. Continue reading “The love for beaches”

The 7- mile drive

Continuing my stories on my first trip to the United States, the beach lover in me was over-excited for the Key West leg to begin. The usual traveller in me always loved googling every aspect of the town I plan to visit, but this time I decided I’ll take it as it comes. Key West was one place I did not google, I heard a couple of people out on things to do and see but restricted the urge to delve any further into it.

Of course, I couldn’t help myself from researching after the trip. Key West is part of the Florida Keys Archipelago that was earlier a Spanish colony. The name is derived from the Spanish word “Cayo” meaning small island. While it could be geographically small, the islands are a major tourist hub and a pit-stop for most cruise ships sailing past the coast. Continue reading “The 7- mile drive”

Gulf of Thailand Tales

Continuing my adventures in Thailand, we left Bangkok in much anticipation of the endless blue green waters only to land in Chumphon, the point from where we were to take the ferry to Koh Tao (Our first stop in the series) in pouring rain. No, this was not the kind of rain that stopped after a mild drizzle, this was the kind that outpours and floods cities like Mumbai. Needless to say, our hearts jumped to our throats. We were in for a week of sun, sand and the beach not to cower under shacks from heavy downpours. We researched all we could at that point and realised much to our dismay that November is the time for rains in the southern part of Thailand and we realised gravely that this oversight could cost us our vacation. Continue reading “Gulf of Thailand Tales”

Lesson #1: Food in Travel

Well, I’ve written a lot about the brilliant places to visit, the best food to eat, the things you ought to do. But in this series of short stories, I’m going to talk about things no one talks about – The things you learn from the blunders you make in travel!

I’m going to talk about the first and the most important thing when you travel abroad that truly is hard to adjust to and is quintessential for survival, food. Even more so if you’re a vegetarian. The first problem is the definition of vegetarian gets slightly screwed as you travel to colder destinations (purely my observation). Continue reading “Lesson #1: Food in Travel”