Lesson#4: Flying out to an International Destination

We are overambitious when we plan a trip abroad, aren't we? Once Saswat and I pick a country to travel, I usually start researching on where in that country we must go. Almost often I find myself inspired by more cities than I have time to visit. More often than not, I end up trying... Continue Reading →


A week in North East India

Northeast India has always been a dream for me. I have heard of several tales of just how beautiful the landscape is from many people I had interacted with growing up.  As a family, we have planned vacations every summer break and have covered several parts of India over the years. However, given the distance,... Continue Reading →

48 hours in Mcleodganj

Waking up to the mountains is a wonderful feeling in itself. Especially after the arduous task of travelling to a hill station in India in the first place. So wake up and go get yourself a lovely breakfast, one with a view is preferable. My personal favorite was Asia Resorts & Spa. Once you are... Continue Reading →


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