Must Have Experiences in Bhutan

Each country has its own fair share of things that are particularly unique to it. Bhutan is no exception. Sharing land boundaries with India, Bhutan is easily accessible for Indians. Click Here for details on how to plan a trip to Bhutan and the places you could visit.

Few things I believe must most certainly be a part of every itinerary in Bhutan are

1. Bhutanese Cuisine

Bhutanese favour much spicy food and it is a must to try their local cuisine – Ema Datshi (Chilli and Cheese) It is a dish prepared with Chilli and Cheese to be eaten with rice. Be prepared to feel the spice flare up in your tongue and keep a big large bottle of buttermilk right by your side while you attempt the same. An experience like no other, we had gone to a small restaurant – Kalden in Thimpu. Not to forget, Momos – Mindblowing sinful momos (all varieties). While I savoured on the vegetarian momos I was told that the Beef Momos were extraordinary.Ema Datchi

2. Rafting in Punakha

No, this is not for adventure junkies for the rivers here in Bhutan are too peaceful and harmonious like their citizens. There are hardly any currents and rafting would be pretty much a breeze. But you must attempt it for the views. The river flows between valleys of mountains and is a pictureseque background like no other. I spent the whole time in the raft ogling at the views on each side soaking up all the greenery and the mountain breeze.


3. Trek up to the Tiger’s Nest

A wonderful monastery mysteriously built atop the HILL at heights unimaginable in the year of 1692. The climb is a treacherous test of your stamina but the dzong leaves you wanting for more. Do attend a prayer at the Dzong if possible, the energy levels leave you enthralled even after you have left the shrine physically.

Tigers Nest


4. Druk Beer

Every country brews its own unique flavour and I always enjoy tasting the variety of brew. Druk Beer in Bhutan is definitely a must for all those Beer lovers. They also have these unique Wine Cooler which are nothing but Wine, Mineral Water and a fruit flavour. I personally loved the Zumzin Peach Wine Cooler.

Source: Google Images

5. The journey

Last but not the least, Do not forget to take pitstops along your road journeys to enjoy the view. The eastern Himalayan ranges all across Bhutan give you a scenic picturesque background in almost every turn. So remember to savour this enamouring journey along the way, stopping at those moments where the mountains manage to steal your breath away

View Image

Happy Travelling!


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