The love for beaches

Recently I got back to my routine runs at Worli Sea Face. As I finished my run, I had this warm feeling spreading through me that brought a familiar smile on my face just looking at the waves. They were barely visible in the dark night and I found myself thinking just why I have such a fascination for the ocean.

A lot many people have asked me if I am a “Mountain Person” or a “Beach Person”. While I am still not entirely convinced they are a mutually exhaustive set there are many reasons about the beach that evoke such strong emotions in me. Continue reading “The love for beaches”

Rajasthan Road Trip (Leg 2 of 2)

Continuing my post on the trip to Rajasthan (Click here to go to the first part

After being treated like royalty, we left Jodhpur to make our way to Udaipur with a stop-over at Kumbalgarh about mid-way. In most cases, you always get a glimpse of your destination, you know what is to come, Kumbalgarh however was one such exception. Built at an elevation of 1100 metres above sea level on the Aravalli Hills, the fort was made in a manner such that it could not be seen by any enemy until they actually knock on their Ram Pole (i.e. the name they have given to the entrance gate). Pretty inconvenient for invaders huh? Continue reading “Rajasthan Road Trip (Leg 2 of 2)”

The Rajasthan Road Trip (Leg 1 of 2)

A first of any kind of experience is always excellent isn’t it? And a road trip is one that has been on my bucket list for way too long. After months of planning, brainstorming on where to go, we finally decided to do a road-trip in Rajasthan in December 2015.

Since we were crunched for time, we had only 7 days and had a limitation of dropping the car back where we started, we decided to do only one half of Rajasthan and since Udaipur was a must do for me, we settled on the southern half of Rajasthan (Since one blog post might be too big to capture the trip in entirety, the same has been split in two, Continue reading “The Rajasthan Road Trip (Leg 1 of 2)”

The experience below waters

For any beach loving person, Andaman Islands is a name on the bucket list you just have to cross off and even more when you’re based out of Chennai from where the islands are most accessible by air. So done and dusted with my MBA, I had way too much free time on my hands and a trip to Andaman and Nicobar was just what I needed!

An ad-hoc trip of sorts, we made our way to Port Blair in the middle of April. Though much more famous as a honeymoon destination, Andaman has enough and more to offer to a group of friends looking to have a good time.  On reaching Port Blair, we wasted no time in getting from the airport to the point where you get the ferry to the Havelock Islands, we had our goal pretty much set. A journey of 3 hours in the boat with a view to die for all through the way. Clear waters spread across like a never ending oasis all around as far as your eyes can see in mesmerising hues of blue. Continue reading “The experience below waters”

The town called Igatpuri

If you are wondering where Igatpuri is, for all those outside of Maharashtra unaware of this beautiful city do not be perturbed I was one of you just a couple of days back. Igatpuri was not our destination, on our way back from the much overhyped Sula Fest we had planned a pitstop here and that is how we discovered this place.

Igatpuri is a town in Nashik District about 45 kms from Nashik and about 130 kms from Mumbai. Like most districts in Maharashtra, the roads connectivity is absolutely fabulous and the Mumbai Nashik highway makes for a smooth, comfortable and relaxing drive. Continue reading “The town called Igatpuri”