About Me

I am a simple person who loves the little things in life.  A corporate professional by day and an explorer by heart. I have traveled to 22 countries till date and explored most of the cities in India. Something about traveling to new places excites me, brings out something new in me and enthralls me. Each and every journey I have made till date has been unique in its own way and I personally believe that every experience helps add a new dimension to my perspective right from the simplest things in day to day life  to shaping my character as the years go by.

I truly believe travel is subjective to each person’s experience and it is never the buildings or the scenery that creates unforgettable memories but every individual’s unique journey to the destination that makes them memorable. In this blog, I wish to recreate the stories that made these destinations memorable for me, with the hope that it should help guide you on the things you could look out for while headed to these beautiful places to create your own memories.

The views published in my blog are purely personal and I would love to hear your feedback on your travel sojourns as well!


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