Lesson#4: Flying out to an International Destination

We are overambitious when we plan a trip abroad, aren't we? Once Saswat and I pick a country to travel, I usually start researching on where in that country we must go. Almost often I find myself inspired by more cities than I have time to visit. More often than not, I end up trying... Continue Reading →


A week in North East India

Northeast India has always been a dream for me. I have heard of several tales of just how beautiful the landscape is from many people I had interacted with growing up.  As a family, we have planned vacations every summer break and have covered several parts of India over the years. However, given the distance,... Continue Reading →

48 hours in Mcleodganj

Waking up to the mountains is a wonderful feeling in itself. Especially after the arduous task of travelling to a hill station in India in the first place. So wake up and go get yourself a lovely breakfast, one with a view is preferable. My personal favorite was Asia Resorts & Spa. Once you are... Continue Reading →

Must Have Experiences in Bhutan

Each country has its own fair share of things that are particularly unique to it. Bhutan is no exception. Sharing land boundaries with India, Bhutan is easily accessible for Indians. Click Here for details on how to plan a trip to Bhutan and the places you could visit. Few things I believe must most certainly be a... Continue Reading →

Gulf of Thailand Tales

Continuing my adventures in Thailand, we left Bangkok in much anticipation of the endless blue green waters only to land in Chumphon, the point from where we were to take the ferry to Koh Tao (Our first stop in the series) in pouring rain. No, this was not the kind of rain that stopped after... Continue Reading →

Thailand Adventures

Situated right in the middle of the Indo China Peninsula, Thailand is a popular destination in India, sadly, for all the wrong reasons. Thai in the Thai language stands for “free men” or people in general and The Land of the People is truly a diverse country to cherish. After long deliberation, we had narrowed... Continue Reading →


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