The Impromptu Trip to Helsignor

As a traveler, it is only natural to plan every leg of your trip to the T, backed by extensive research and even more so when you do a backpacking trip for 20 days across 5 countries. But just like all else in life, each of us have been in a situation where the best of plans have not worked the way you wanted it to.

The 5th of October, 2013 was one such day for us. We had to change our plans in the last minute and ended up having an extra day in Scandinvia and we decided to go to Denmark a day in advance. Without knowing what to do, we landed early morning in Copenhagen. Most of what we could do in Copenhagen were to open much later in the day and we moved back and forth near the station lugging our huge backpacks wondering what we should do next. Thankfully since we were in Scandinavia there was access to Wi-Fi and a quick scout online led us to take a bet on a trip to Kronborg Castle in Helsignor for that morning. Continue reading “The Impromptu Trip to Helsignor”

The trek up the Preikestolen

I first came to know of Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock through just a google image when I was looking for things to do in Norway and the same was listed as the Top 5 treks in Scandinavia. The image mesmerized me at first glance and I needed no further motivation to find my way to get there.

A brief history on the place first, Preikestolen is a cliff at 604 metres height above Lyserfjord is located in the southern part of the Ryfylke district in Rogaland county, in Western Norway. The cliff is said to have been formed during the ice age nearly 10000 years ago when the edges of the glacier reached the cliff, the water of which is said to have frozen in the mountain’s crevices which eventually chipped off and left behind a hanging cliff. This fact makes it another reason you have to go as the rest of the cliff can eventually break off and the view will be lost forever. However, jokes apart, the geology of the cliff have been researched thoroughly and it has been confirmed that there is no danger of the cliff falling apart in the immediate future, so be rest assured. Continue reading “The trek up the Preikestolen”

Eiffel Tower at first sight

With backpacks packed, we left Lille for our first major trip in our Euro Trip. We were leaving for Spain by rail, with a plan to travel for 2 whole days before actually reaching the destination. But like the saying always goes it’s not the destination that matters but the journey! Well in this case, I got both!

The “plan” was to spend an evening in Paris on our way to Spain, in other words we had only enough time to go see the Eiffel Tower and head back and the plan was to explore Paris once more later. Continue reading “Eiffel Tower at first sight”

The City of Barcelona

In a globally connected world, where all experiences can be read about at the click of the mouse and only feel like deja vu when you actually do it, Barcelona was an exception and a truly refreshing surprise. Mainly because it was our first long trip and i  didn’t have much time to Google it…. But who knew that would turn out to feel so good.

We reached Barcelona after a long-haul train journey that took us from Paris to Avignon Centre to Lyon and then finally to Barcelona. People said there were better train routes, but we enjoyed our journey nevertheless and  reached Barcelona the same night. Continue reading “The City of Barcelona”