Gulf of Thailand Tales

Continuing my adventures in Thailand, we left Bangkok in much anticipation of the endless blue green waters only to land in Chumphon, the point from where we were to take the ferry to Koh Tao (Our first stop in the series) in pouring rain. No, this was not the kind of rain that stopped after a mild drizzle, this was the kind that outpours and floods cities like Mumbai. Needless to say, our hearts jumped to our throats. We were in for a week of sun, sand and the beach not to cower under shacks from heavy downpours. We researched all we could at that point and realised much to our dismay that November is the time for rains in the southern part of Thailand and we realised gravely that this oversight could cost us our vacation. Continue reading “Gulf of Thailand Tales”

Thailand Adventures

Situated right in the middle of the Indo China Peninsula, Thailand is a popular destination in India, sadly, for all the wrong reasons. Thai in the Thai language stands for “free men” or people in general and The Land of the People is truly a diverse country to cherish. After long deliberation, we had narrowed down on Thailand as our vacation destination and why not, it truly is the most “Value for Money Destination” as famously claimed.

We had 8 days to spend in Thailand and given the limited connectivity between islands, we decided to pick one coast for our first trip and decided to stay in the Eastern Coast, a little away from crowded tourist packed destinations like Pattaya or Koh Phi Phi. We decided on Koh Tao, Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Samui (Detailed Itinerary to follow) Continue reading “Thailand Adventures”