The New Year Syndrome

It’s back! It is that time of the year that calls for a mandatory existential crisis and extensive reflection. Your heart goes back and forth, back and forth, oscillating viciously between all that baggage from the past and the truckloads of hope you hold for the future.

It is that time of the year, where you fondly recollect the dreams and aspirations you began the year with, the zest of optimism pumping through your veins, the cheer of a brand new year, a brand new you, that year of transformation you had hoped for. You suddenly ponder on how quickly time flew by, without a single hue or cry. Before you know it, a year has passed taking with it precious time you hoped for.


You look back to wonder what hopes you began the year with and where you have apparently landed at the end of the year. And let me not even go to the so called “peer pressure”. The whole “Oh my god, what are your plans for the new year?” or the “Oh, what are your resolutions for the new year?”. Well, guess what, I have none.

I have always wondered, why wait for a new year to innovate yourself? Why wait for a valentine’s day to show your love? Is this all just a big marketing gimmick or am I just becoming more of a cynic? I am not sure which, but I somehow seem to have fallen off the wagon somewhere along the line.

New Year Meme

Do I think I have achieved all that I wanted to this year? Partly yes, maybe not all of it. But I sure did manage circumstances that I never thought were possible by me, because, I never knew I was going to face them on the 1st of January.

And, why should every year be the finish line is something I do not just follow. I understand the need to be grateful for all that has happened in the past and that I have managed to survive, but still, why the 31st of December? That also doesn’t mean I am pessimistic about the future, I don’t believe there is no better tomorrow. I just believe that for tomorrow to be a better day I don’t need the last digit of the year to be a different number.

Each day is a brand new day. I don’t need a reason to start over, I choose when to start over and I do that. Believe me I am in no delusions that I control what happens with my life, but my attitude towards life shall remain constant. Whether I am high above the stars or crumbled down into a pit as low as I could ever fall, I shall strive. I shall strive to fight another day.  I shall hope, every day, that tomorrow will be a better day. That the future will bring resolution to my woes of today and the past. That tomorrow, I would not make the same mistakes I made today and tomorrow can just be any other day and I will embrace it just as much.

On that note, Cheers to a wonderful and brand new 365 days. May it bring all the happiness and the prosperity that you have always hoped for and let the spirit always remain as high as if tomorrow is a brand new year. Let there be more travels and more new adventures, much farther than your comfort zone, for we are who we want ourselves to be and everything more. Say goodbye to your limitations every single time the mind says no, for believe me your heart has the courage to take on much more. Take those chances you always looked past, choose those lonely paths that bring a smile to your face and do not stop looking for newer facets within yourself, for tomorrow is a brand new day. And luckily guess what, a brand new year too!

Welcome, 2018! For all the troughs and the Highs.


PS: Picture credits (Image 1-3) to the rightful owners


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