Must have Travel Experiences


When you cannot travel, you do the next best thing, you plan for what your next trip should be. Here is a list of experiences i wish to do and places I want to see before 2025

  1.  Iceland


Well, of course this was on top of my list. One of the countries I want to visit twice

  • A Winter trip – Northern Lights, Northern Lights and Northern Lights.  Need I say anymore. The Aurora has caught my fascination for years now and to live up to it, it has to be as good as it gets. For that and only that, a trip to coldest parts of Iceland is definitely dueiceland-_northern-lights
  • A summer trip – Well, cause Iceland has a lot more to offer than just Northern Lights which would be possible only in the summer months. The Rhyolite mountains in Landmannalaugar, the Gulfloss waterfalls, the Maelifell Volcano and of course some Geothermal Spa and Natural springs in the Blue Lagoon.

2. Turkey

This is one of the few countries I missed out in my Eurotrip. Two experiences that I definitely do want to do in Turkey is

  • Go Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia (the featured image on top) – Because well you don’t just find Fairy Chimneys (Unique Rock formations that have evolved and eroded over a million years to its current form) in every other part of the world
  • Take a dip in the Mineral-rich Thermal Waters at Pamukkale. Imagine my disbelief when I realised that what looks like glacier formations spread across acres of land till your eyes can see had almost nothing to do with snow. Limestone laden thermal spas I think is a must.

3.       Machu Picchu, Peru

Yeah, well you can blame the South Indian in me. After all, Rajinikant danced here on Kilimanjaro for his movie Enthiran. But on a serious note, every time I think of Machu Picchu that literally translates into “Old Peak” it draws me in with its history and heritage. Flanked by Andes and the amazon basin, Hiking up the Machu Picchu is one experience that I do not want to miss. Another must do for me in Peru is to visit the Vinicunca Mountains (commonly known as Rainbow Mountains) located deep in the Andes, the landscape of naturally painted mountains that looks straight off a painting is a must visit for me.machu-pichu

4.       Skydiving in Nepal

One of the top things I’ve always had in mind was to see if I would ever have the courage to jump off a plane (Obviously with a parachute). While I am still in a dilemma as to where I should have my first skydive experience, I have narrowed it down to doing it in Nepal with the backdrop of the Mount Everest. I feel that might be the closest I’ll ever get to the Everest base camps given my fitness condition 😉


5.       Safari in South Africa

There is no way my bucketlist would be complete without this. While I am generically petrified of all kinds of animals and wildlife, I think this is one experience I would not mind. Usually popularised for spotting the big 5 – the African Lion, rhino, cape buffalo, leopard and the elephant, I would be excited to spot Giraffes, Zebras and the other animals too in their natural habitat, I think it is definitely an experience worth having.


6.       Antarctica Expedition

I am very curious about the white continent, being one of the few places on earth untainted by the human touch. It is one place of natural wilderness that I would like to witness. Cruising through glaciers and natural wonders and not to mention seeing penguins with my own eyes. It is one trip that might burn your pockets terribly, but will compensate for with an experience of a lifetime


7.       Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

While environmentalists and scientists are still arguing about whether or not it is still alive or dead. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is one of my to-do activities in Australia. Scuba was a life changing experience and I am sure this is an experience that is going to be just as surreal and mesmerising.


8.      Walk along the Salt Flats of Bolivia

Another natural transformation that takes my breath away, a source of salts in the summer, it transforms into a reflective mirror in the flooding season. The salt brine that has transformed multiple prehistoric lakes over the years and has created a flat surface which reflects the sky.  Haven’t you ever wanted to walk on the clouds, well here’s your chance to at least make it look like you are doing that.


9.       Ireland

Ireland is more of a romantic dream, made even more so by Gerard Butler in PS I love you if I may add. County Wicklow (one of spots where the movie was shot) is a spot that I definitely do want to visit and take that exact walk in the National Park someday. Apart from that the view from Cliffs of Moher, along the Atlantic coast of County Clare is a view that I am sure is a must do for any ocean lover.


10.   Santorini, Greece

Greece is one country that I want to visit, mainly for the Santorini and Mykonos Islands. There is something about those white-washed buildings with a tint of blue along the southern Aegan sea that seems magical to me. Walking along the black sand beaches, watching the Santorini sunset, a dinner overlooking the Caldera, I do not think it can get any better than this.santorinipartialpano

What are your list of experiences? Comment if you think I have missed any!


P.S. All pictures are stock images. Sources and Credits detailed below

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