Lesson #1: Food in Travel

Well, I’ve written a lot about the brilliant places to visit, the best food to eat, the things you ought to do. But in this series of short stories, I’m going to talk about things no one talks about – The things you learn from the blunders you make in travel!

I’m going to talk about the first and the most important thing when you travel abroad that truly is hard to adjust to and is quintessential for survival, food. Even more so if you’re a vegetarian. The first problem is the definition of vegetarian gets slightly screwed as you travel to colder destinations (purely my observation). In Scandinavia for instance, anything apart from red meat was considered vegetarian. I was offered a chicken and egg sandwich as vegetarian options when I asked for food at train stations. Not to mention the sheer lack of home flavour of food or spices as you travel continuously. There were times in my oh so fabulous euro trip I would just sit and think about that road side Pani Puri, that aroma, the flavors, that spice, that hiccup that comes along cause you told the guy not to give you with the sweet chutney, the puri being dipped into chutney with greasy hands wiped on a greasier napkins or the garam garam samosas and jalebi and just drool about it. Eventually you decide to take things into your hand, get the recipes online or turn on skype and ask your sister for directions and just cook it yourself. It is not the same as home food, as the ingredients you get in foreign cities is not exactly the same, but it’s as close as you can get! And 3 months in Europe taught me one thing for sure, if it is a do or die situation purely, I can definitely cook to survive.



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