The town called Igatpuri

If you are wondering where Igatpuri is, for all those outside of Maharashtra unaware of this beautiful city do not be perturbed I was one of you just a couple of days back. Igatpuri was not our destination, on our way back from the much overhyped Sula Fest we had planned a pitstop here and that is how we discovered this place.

Igatpuri is a town in Nashik District about 45 kms from Nashik and about 130 kms from Mumbai. Like most districts in Maharashtra, the roads connectivity is absolutely fabulous and the Mumbai Nashik highway makes for a smooth, comfortable and relaxing drive.

Enroute Mumbai, just before entering Igatpuri, we got a glimpse of the lakes city with a small waterbody running by the temple that was simply beautiful, the greens by the side, the mountains at the far end and the quaint temple by the side somehow just fit into a picturesque frame that not many words can describe.


With the mood all set for Igatpuri, we moved ahead and took the exit from the highway and went down the winding roads to the Vaitarna Dam.

On the web, most of the information on Igatpuri is restricted to the famous Vipasana Academy located here and the Ghatnadevi temple. Given the limited time we headed straight for the Vaitarna Lake and the first glimpse of it was enough validation that we had made the right choice.


The lake was pristine, clear as the blue skies above us and just simply sitting below the Sahyadri ranges in a mystical mix that can stir passionate emotions in you. We soon decided to park the car and got down to the banks to get the best view of the lake.  It was an absolutely beautiful spot and can work perfectly for a picnic spot by the waters, the only request being ofcourse that you do not litter the place. Given the fact that the spot we went was accessible to mankind, there were a few empty cans of beer and plastic waste in the sands, however, thankfully for us and the rest of the citizens of Igatpuri, these were far and few in between.


We soon picked our spots and just took a while to take the view in, it was quite breath-taking. There was no commercialisation of the place, there was nothing infiltrating the absolute natural beauty of the place. As I sat there just looking at the waters, a serene sense of calmness seeped in through me and I could feel the petty worries that keep ploughing in mind lose significance one by one. After a point I suddenly realised that after a really long time there was no thought in my mind apart from just the waters in front of me. Something about the calmness in my mind unnerved me and made the experience all the more magical.


So pack your bags and head to Igatpuri if you are looking for a quiet day with yourself



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