Eiffel Tower at first sight

With backpacks packed, we left Lille for our first major trip in our Euro Trip. We were leaving for Spain by rail, with a plan to travel for 2 whole days before actually reaching the destination. But like the saying always goes it’s not the destination that matters but the journey! Well in this case, I got both!

The “plan” was to spend an evening in Paris on our way to Spain, in other words we had only enough time to go see the Eiffel Tower and head back and the plan was to explore Paris once more later.

As we reached Paris Nord, there was excitement all around to go see the Eiffel Tower quite a contrast to what I was actually feeling inside. Unlike every other girl, somehow Paris never held any fascination for me. I had seen pictures of the Eiffel tower before of course and somehow never could fathom what all the hype was about. Weren’t there other structures, much taller than this one? Being a management student, I also considered the thought that the hype was nothing short of a marketing gimmick to promote tourism.

But boy oh boy was I wrong!  The first glimpse of the gigantic structure and I was blown away.

The sheer size of the massive structure can make your eyes ogle. The naturally golden shine of the structure was spell-binding and I truly wish I could articulate the feeling much better, like I said, spell-bound! Not really in the romantic sense as it is often portrayed but in the royal sense. You see that and all one can think of is the grandeur and the majestic structure. It was truly dazzling.

I think the feeling was mutual among all of us for we were all wooed by the sheer intricacy of the tower and fell in love with it the very same instant.  It was as if everyone was choked with emotions all at once and for once just had nothing more to say. Maybe that’s where the whole romantic stories came around; to bring the one you loved right before the structure can make you feel so passionately in a span of a few seconds.


We also witnessed the lights show that is turned on for the first five minutes in every hour. We got to watch it twice, but I must say the normal golden lights were much more impressive than the popularly campaigned lights show with 100 lights dazzling all over the structure in front of your eyes, moving the attention away from the structure itself which was the beauty of it all.


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